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Bill Horan is on a mission to save lives

Connecting “East” and “West”

Bill Horan is on a mission to save lives

Rudyard Kipling once said, “East is east, and west is west, and never the twain shall meet.” For an ever-increasing number of low-income families, access to modern medical care is about as distant as Kipling’s east and west.

New vaccines and medical breakthroughs happen regularly, but massive numbers of people in developing countries have no access to any of it, so suffer and die needlessly.

With the benevolence of faithful donors and God’s gentle guidance, Operation Blessing is connecting the dots between available resources and the needs of the poor. Here’s an example:

While in Grand Cayman last Christmas, I heard about a new heart hospital there called Health City that was partnering with a local foundation to provide open-heart surgeries for Latin American kids whose parents couldn’t afford it. I got excited.

The next day, I met with the hospital’s director and explained how we do medical outreach all over Latin America and often encounter children who need heart surgery but languish for lack of funds. I suggested a joint effort in which OBI would handle logistics and the cost of airfare and Health City would provide surgeries for children in need and the hospital leaders agreed!

We submitted the medical files of 13 El Salvadorian kids and all were accepted. Each child suffers a life-threatening heart condition — but Health City doctors say all are fixable. This month we are flying in the first five kids and their mothers from El Salvador. God willing, five lives will be saved — and this is only the beginning.

Sometimes, when we make a commitment and do all we can, God pulls strings and, suddenly, just the right people and circumstances show up to help make the impossible … possible. “East” meets “West” when the needs of impoverished families meet the resources and generosity of friends like you — and lives are saved.

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