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Fighting Ebola: Chlorine the greatest need

OBI's Ebola Prevention Team learns to manufacture chlorine

LIBERIA – David Darg, OBI’s vice president of international operations, was recently in Ebola-plagued Liberia delivering crates of medicine and supplies requested by the Lutheran Church, which operates two hospitals there. The hospitals, open since the 1920s, have already lost many patients, as well as four nurses and five ministers.

Ebola Prevention Team

David had met with Liberia’s minister of the interior who leads the Ebola task force. When he asked “What is your greatest need?” the minister answered, “Body bags and chlorine.” One way Ebola spreads is by people with sweaty palms shaking hands, so the government has forbidden handshaking and installed chlorine-charged hand washing stations at intersections and outside public buildings, but chlorine supplies had run out. David told the minister that we could fly in chlorine generators. The minister was ecstatic and agreed to provide manpower and a facility, plus the salt and electricity needed to run the equipment.

We had five new chlorine generators in our Virginia warehouse that we were able to ship out immediately, each capable of manufacturing 110 gallons of chlorine a day. Each batch requires 15 pounds of salt mixed with 55 gallons of water. The generating unit, hooked up to 220 volt power, is inserted into the barrel of brine, and twelve hours later, the brine transforms into high test chlorine. David could train government staff in how to operate the equipment, and the Ebola task force would then be able to run the units 24/7 until the crisis passed. This is a classic example of how quickly and strategically OBI reacts to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Distributing chlorine and hand washing buckets in communities

Early this year we launched Club Bless, a group focused on sharing the blessings God has granted with those who need them most. You may already be sharing your blessings, but please consider becoming a part of Club Bless and help enable Operation Blessing to respond instantly to human crisis no matter where or when it happens.

Operation Blessing producing chlorine in Liberia


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  1. Bobbie Huebner

    I would like to make a donation of $100 to this work in Liberia in honor of my book club members. I would like to hand the 10 of them a letter from you that acknowledges they have been honored with this donation. Upon receipt of the $100 could you mail me the 10 acknowledgements?

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