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Fighting hunger every day of the year


World Food Day is observed on October 16th, as it has been every year since 1979. The day is designated as “a day of action against hunger,” with the hope that it will elevate public awareness as people the world over are reminded to do their part to end world hunger. I’m happy to report that for Operation Blessing, every day is a day of action against hunger! I stopped by our warehouse on the way to work today. It was early, but already a lineup of gleaming OBI tractor-trailers were being loaded with food for delivery to our network of church groups that distribute to hungry Americans. A similar scene was taking place at our distribution hubs in Florida, Texas and the mountains of Appalachia.

As I drove the rest of the way to the office, I thought about Operation Blessing teams in different parts of the world also working to alleviate hunger: In the arid outback of Kenya, where Maasai women are harvesting acres of ripe tomatoes that flourish because of our drip irrigation system fed by a solar powered pump in a deep well; or in Haiti, where swarms of tilapia thrive and multiply at our fish farm; or in Guatemala and Mexico, at our agricultural training centers where staff welcome groups of 20 farmers at a time for five day sessions to learn about raised bed gardening, drip irrigation and organic fertilaizers; or in remote villages in El Salvador, where I attended a fertilizer distribution to 314 of the 49,535 families in the program and where I heard farmer’s wives tell of how their crop yields had doubled since the fertilizer program started. These are just a few snippets, there are many more success stories.

Please know that as an Operation Blessing partner, you are fighting world hunger ever single day. May God bless you—just as you are blessing others.

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