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Helping oppressed and persecuted Christians


Bill visits a region in Africa where Christians fled under heavy fire that created craters like the one seen here.

In ancient times, Christians were often martyred as “punishment” for believing in Christ. Today, believers in an ever-increasing number of places are being oppressed, persecuted and even killed—just because they are followers of Christ. Coliseums of old have been replaced by Internet cafés where computer screens display horrific atrocities. Christian men ruthlessly killed, while off camera, their wives and daughters are raped and enslaved because they are followers of Jesus.

Whether it’s ISIS decapitating kneeling men in Iraq; Boko Haram kidnapping schoolgirls in Nigeria; al-Shabaab attacking mall shoppers in Kenya; Abu Sayyaf decapitating missionaries in the Philippines; or the Taliban blowing up churches filled with worshipers in Pakistan—the message is the same: “Convert to Islam or die.”

As we witness these nightmares on the evening news, we want to do something to help. But how can we reach out to persecuted believers? One way is to support Operation Blessing teams as they travel to these dangerous places to offer support to local churches that are nurturing victims and easing their pain.

Our current efforts to help oppressed and persecuted Christians include furnishing meals and financial support for the families of those killed in recent Taliban suicide attacks on churches in Pakistan; security, supplies and new bathroom facilities for Nigerian girls attending school despite renewed threats of kidnapping by Boko Haram; furnishing blankets, fresh produce and cook stoves to families in Northern Iraq who have fled from ISIS; vocational training and safe water wells for terrorized villagers in Mindanao, Philippines.

These efforts are happening now. With your increased support, we can do even more for oppressed believers. Recently we even started a project in Cuba providing funds to help a network of pastors focused on helping believers start small businesses and break the chains of poverty and oppression. Please consider making a donation to help us do even more.

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