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Bill Horan in Louisiana after torrential rains brought historic flooding

Louisiana Floods: “Worse than Katrina”

Bill Horan in Louisiana after torrential rains brought historic flooding

LOUISIANA – In the wake of historic flooding, the devastation in Louisiana is nothing less than catastrophic. As each hour passes and the water recedes revealing the damage—we see the scope of the disaster is getting even bigger.

The local pastors we are talking to all say the same thing: “It’s worse than Katrina.” Unlike other floods that have struck Louisiana recently, this one has hit areas that are not considered flood zones. Most of the people, as many as 70%, do not have flood insurance because something like this has simply never happened here before.

The news is already changing the subject by focusing on the election. The voices of the devastated in Louisiana are being drowned out, but we believe their pleas for help must be answered.

In addition to the damaged homes and loss of life left behind by floodwaters, the threat of mosquito-borne viruses looms. Small pools of standing water can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes carrying the dangerous West Nile virus, which hits its peak in August. Volunteers, first responders and residents working in the heat to pick up the pieces will be especially vulnerable to attack.

Bill Horan helping distribute water in Louisiana.

Operation Blessing relief teams will be working with New Orleans Mosquito Control to provide real-time reports on the locations of mosquito-infested areas.

The Bible says in Job 5:11 that “The lowly He sets on high, and those who mourn are lifted to safety.” Today, it is our calling to lift those impacted by disaster. We are working in Louisiana to fulfill that calling.

We are committed to helping affected residents in Louisiana begin the recovery process.

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