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Working hard to change the odds

Operation Blessing works hard to provide critical relief and hope for struggling families and vulnerable children all around the world

Each week, millions of viewers watch a myriad of “reality” TV shows. Imagine a new series called “The Least of These,” where the contestants are children born into poverty, with the finalists being those who have survived the most horrible conditions. If such a show ever aired, the winner would likely be someone like Mika, the little Haitian girl whose picture is on the cover of April’s issue of Blessings magazine

A child born into a poor family in a country like Haiti is far more vulnerable and less likely to survive than a child born in the U.S. If the child has one or more disabilities, the odds against survival skyrocket and the chances of a fruitful life are almost nonexistent. Operation Blessing works hard to change the odds.

My sister Virginia was born with Down Syndrome. My mother said, “God put Ginny into our family so that we can give a voice to the voiceless. We need to fight for her and for other children like her.”

My mom spent the next 50 years working as a fierce advocate for children with disabilities. The Lord blessed her efforts; laws were changed, programs and organizations were established and countless children born with disabilities had a better life. Mom worked until her passing at age 91 and Ginny is still thriving, working and enjoying music, swimming, bowling and more.

The Bible makes many references to our responsibilities to children, especially to “the least of these” –those most vulnerable. One of my favorites is from Matthew: “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me.” When I look into the eyes of a poor child in Haiti, or in other countries where we work, I see Christ looking back at me and hear my mom whispering in my ear. Please join me in the fight to help children who cannot help themselves.

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